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DCP is a leading Venture Capital fund manager with a focus on technology-intensive opportunities. DCP team started operations in 2007, making it one of the most experienced deep-tech VC fund managers in the market.

Our Purpose

We believe in the disruptive nature of science & technology driven innovation.

Once you are convinced that innovation and not just “business-model” innovation, but science and technology driven innovation is the engine for sustainable economic growth then you are left with no-choice but to admire and think of ways to support those entrepreneurs and scientists who challenge the status-quo to create social and commercial value.


What we're looking for

We think one of the main sources of innovation is at the junction of industry sectors. Therefore, we focus on cross industry sectors and interdisciplinary projects to discover innovations occurring at the nexus of technology domains where capital efficient solutions can unlock significant value.

In addition to a competitive edge that stems from technology and intellectual property rights, we are looking for quantifiable market potential and the right entrepreneurial skill set for that market.


We constantly seek business models where such innovations are employed in a transformative fashion to disrupt existing markets. To learn more please see our investment criteria.

What we provide

At DCP we don’t just invest in visionary entrepreneurs and scientists, but we strive to always think of ways to be enablers and supporters. We work hand in hand with our entrepreneurs to hit technical, financial and product deployment targets. With over 70 years of cumulative experience in the high-tech sectors, we provide our portfolio companies with business development, legal, financial and operational knowhow.

We provide Seed and Series-A investments to deep-tech startups. 

Our team has a proven track record of identifying viable market ready technologies and working with entrepreneurs to setup a streamlined business strategy to create sustainable high-tech companies.

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